October 20, 2017

Mariam The Believers new album Love Everything is finally released today!
We dance and love and celebrate!
You can now order the LP/CD here on our homepage.
Please note that we prefer orders inside of Scandinavia, the rest of the world can turn to our world wide distributor CARGO for orders, thank you :)
Love Everything

Arwork by Martin Vallin

“Living, loving, moving, hoping, trying, crying, fighting, growing, staying, doubting, feeling, knowing, singing, playing, dying, floating” - ‘Eternity’ from ‘Love Everything’.

When Mariam The Believer – the solo moniker of Mariam Wallentin – began the creative process of her second album ‘Love Everything’ she had a clear and simple credo – to distill the essence of musical power, to bring people together, putting pieces into a whole and to give hope.

The follow up to 2013’s debut album - the critically acclaimed ‘Blood Donation’ – ‘Love Everything’ is written, produced and self-released on Wallentin’s own label Repeat Until Death on October 20th.

In addition to her solo work as Mariam The Believer, Wallentin is one half of vocal-and-drum-duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums with husband Andreas Werliin. She is also a founding member and composer in the big band mayhem that is Fire! Orchestra. With musical roots partly in improvisation, partly in pop and soul, her career path has crossed diverse musical territories - from choir compositions, drum circles, free form jazz constellations to a lead part in a modern opera by Ben Frost. Equipped with her courageously uncompromising approach to music-making Wallentin started Mariam the Believer to focus her expression into a pop project.

On ‘Love Everything’ Wallentin invited a wide range of musicians to collaborate. In total 15 musicians took part resulting in songs that twist and turn evolving organically with each contribution. From vocalist virtuoso Sofia Jernberg to drone experimentalist Oren Ambarchi and free form jazz star Mats Gustavsson, it’s an eclectic roll call, yet despite that Love Everything is at its very core, a collection of pure pop melodies.

At the heart of the music is a manifestation of the album title itself - an appeal to embrace opportunity, to turn to love as a concrete solution. Wallentin traverses life’s big questions, those of love and loss, the mystery of eternity and emptiness via the bodily and circumstantial conditions we are born with and stuck with. ‘Love Everything’ is turning to love as a healing power of choice — a choice we make in every situation, in every moment every day and it is a choice of bravery.

”How to be free is to look around / To see and hear that we are all the same” - from ‘Pieces’.

Traditionally rhythm and drums been the companion escorting Wallentin’s voice but on ‘Love Everything’, she lets melodies lead the way – the piano flowing with harmonies that emphasise Wallentin’s powerful and at times raw, honest voice. The songs are ripe, ready to be eaten, before metamorphosing into new structures and an unexpected richness. Power ballads are interrupted by a change of rhythms. Enchanting vocals turn into pulsating R’n’B, as if new opportunities are lurking behind every corner.

‘Love Everything’ draws from the heritage of love stories that in some way or another have shaped us all. In Wallentin’s lyricism, the heart is a muscle pumping blood. Approaching spiritual subjects rooted in the human body and nature, she pulls esoteric themes into a context and – as pop music has the power to do – reaches dizzying heights. At the end of the day, to love is an act of courage.

On releasing her self-written and produced album via her own imprint Repeat Until Death, Wallentin says: “Music is a sacred place where all dimensions of me can exist simultaneously. I have a will not to be reduced but to be set free.”

New Mariam The Believer video

October 13, 2017

Mariam The Believer has recently released a new stunning video for the single BODYLIFE, have a look at it below.

Bodylife is a celebration of the power of the body and everything it carries inside.A dance on the edge between life and death, and a thirst for all drops of life that fills up a human. A song of surrender, with a wish for acceptance for when the pulse will stop and the heart not beat. But it´s beating still.

With heaven-high mantras, wild guitars from Oren Ambarchi and driving storms of keyboards, Bodylife pushes the body to move and not stop until it has to.
Because the body is made of movement and movement is life.

The video for Bodylife is directed, filmed and edited by Ylva Henriksson, in collaboration with Mariam. Two close childhood-friends whom in total trust shut themselves in a black space and danced for two days.

Pieces, brand new song from Mariam The Believer is premiered and made Song of the day!

May 25, 2017

The Line of Best Fit has premiered Pieces, Mariam The Believers new anthem and single.
Song of The Day:
Officially released tomorrow Friday on all digital plattforms ❤️ 💔

New song Crust from Mariam The Believer!

March 03, 2017

Longing-a feeling of wanting something or someone very much.
Cover up (something) /ˈkʌv·ər/ verb: to keep something unpleasant or illegal secret or hidden.
Dry your eyes-to stop crying. Together adverb(IN ONE PLACE)-I’ll just gather my stuff together, and then we can go.
/Cambridge Dictionary

let it rise above the earth, above the fights
let it sneak around the corners of the night
because you know we can make all the wet dry
/Mariam The Believer

Mariam The Believer is back with a new song named Crust. Out now on all digital platforms. <3

Outside Verona and spring fever

February 22, 2016

Time Is a Mountain has a wonderful new video out for their song Outside Verona, made by brilliant video maker Jacek Zmarz, have a look below!

Trailer for II

October 15, 2015

Pre-Order is Up for "II"!

October 07, 2015

Pre-Order is Up for “II”!

You can now pre-Order Time Is a Mountain´s new album “II”. A hand-numbered limited and beautiful vinyl w Cd included! Releasedate Oct 23rd 2015. All pre-orders will be shipped on Oct 19th. Order it here!


September 29, 2015

Time Is a Mountain and Mariam The Believer will play in Stockholm 21 & 22 of October @ Rönnells Antikvariat, it will be two great evenings of art and music with all profit donated to UNHCR, you can find more info about the event here


September 13, 2015

We are very happy and proud to release Time is A Mountain´s new album ll. A beautiful hand-numbered and limited 180 g LP, coloured outer and inner sleeve and with CD included. Release date is 23/10 2015 and pre-orders will be up soon so keep your eyes and ears out…

This bass-drums-keyboards trio is a joyous monster, a vibrating force of creativity and passion. Concisting of Tomas Hallonsten on keyboards- the master of warmth, a magician of black and white keys and one of Sweden’s most distinctive musicians- Johan Berthling on bass- the master of stability, the mountain in a ricefield- and Andreas Werliin on drums- the master of groove and the voice of the wild and free ocean- Time Is a Mountain take us on an essential journey from the brown earth into the clear sky, a playful folklore tale hummed by wizards.

With their self-titeld debut album released in 2013 the trio quickly became a praised name, selling out vinyl editions and placing themself on MOJO ́s Best Album of The Year-List. With the bandmembers also playing in other various groups such as Tape, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Fire!, Mariam The Believer and Tonbruket, this is the musical place were they bind it all together, the ground with the space, the past with the future and the nordic melancoly with the bright joy of playing music together.

Their second release ll is a real gem of a record and is on a magical path leading us up on the mountaintop

Summer 2015 Live Dates!

June 05, 2015

We are happy to have the Repeat Until Death artist´s on the road this summer, here is were you can catch them live and also buy nice vinyls and cds straight from the makers


17 Jun Kopparberg Urban Forest, Hackney Wick, London, UK
13 Aug Way Out West, Gothenburg, SWEDEN
29 Aug By The Lake Festival, Berlin, GERMANY


16 July Nickelsdorf Festival, NIckelsdorf, AUSTRIA
25 July Fanø Free Folk Festival, Fanø, DENMARK


9 Jun Usher Hall, Edinburgh, UK
13 Jun Royal Hospital Chelsea, London, UK
7 July Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland
18 July Les Nuits de Fourvieres, Lyon, France
20 July Le Grand Rex, Paris, France
22 July Blue Balls Festival, Lucerne, Switzerland
25 July Fanø Free Folk Festival, Fanø, Denmark
2 Aug Konserthuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
4 Aug Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany

New Release!

February 12, 2015

The trio Nuiversum (Lisa Ullen, Mariam Wallentin & Nina de Heney) has released their first full length album Ballads of Now & When. 140 g beautiful transparent vinyl with b/w sleeve/ innersleve w lyrics and original artwork by Lauren Tamaki. It is a wonderful piece of work full of freedom & playfulness, pushing borders and moving energy around. Now up for order.

”Ballads of Now and When” är en stark skiva som törs vara ömtålig. Den berör konstmusik, rock, improvisationsmusik, pop men hämtar attityd från frijazz och punk. Det är musik som brinner.” // “Ballad of Now and When” is a strong album that dares to be fragile. It touches classical music, rock, improvised music, pop, but get attitude from free jazz and punk. This is music that´s burning. “


January 07, 2015

This is the very first post on this very new page. We are excited to get started, to slowly but steady create a home for our music and the music that we love. Repeat Until Death is a small record label based in Stockholm, Sweden. The label is run by Mariam Wallentin and Andreas Werliin. At the moment we have 3 releases and one digital EP release. Mariam The Believer “Blood Donation”, Wildbirds & Peacedrums ”Rhythm”, Nuiversum “Ballads of Now & When” (to be released January 14th 2015 but you can order it already, go for it) and Mariam The Believer ”The Wind EP” (digital only, for now).

Repeat until death and follow us until the end.