New Mariam The Believer video

October 13, 2017

Mariam The Believer has recently released a new stunning video for the single BODYLIFE, have a look at it below.

Bodylife is a celebration of the power of the body and everything it carries inside.A dance on the edge between life and death, and a thirst for all drops of life that fills up a human. A song of surrender, with a wish for acceptance for when the pulse will stop and the heart not beat. But it´s beating still.

With heaven-high mantras, wild guitars from Oren Ambarchi and driving storms of keyboards, Bodylife pushes the body to move and not stop until it has to.
Because the body is made of movement and movement is life.

The video for Bodylife is directed, filmed and edited by Ylva Henriksson, in collaboration with Mariam. Two close childhood-friends whom in total trust shut themselves in a black space and danced for two days.